Project Description

Teflon coating for Bajaj Industries

Customer Name :- Bajaj Industries.

Location :- Rudrapur

Industry :- Automotive.

Capacity of Plant:- Largest two wheeler manufacturer in UK having 2 paint shop .

Clients facing Problem :-

  • Kamla Vihar Sports club
  • Juhu Vile Parla Gymkhana
  • Vasant  Vihar
  • Rohan Sher
  • Eco Smart ( Swimming pool maintenance )

Problem / Challenge faced by Customer :-

  • Either they are doing manual cleaning or burning outside from his facility, So in both Manual is so tuff and time taking and burning is not allowed by NGT.
  • Grates and fixtures.
  • Main issue is burning outside is not allowed by NGT.
  • Meet their necessary requirement by using this product ,they can do in-house cleaning as well as meet their environment norms.

Benefits / Savings / Improvement:-

Benefit of the product can specify once they use it:-

  • Present they are giving 160 no, grates and 10 hanger ,Quantity is much more.
  • What Savings have achieved- Once it established ,exact saving in terms of price ,policy, manpower we can discuss.
  • Improvement after use of our material.

Next Steps :-

  • What is your learning from this Success Story – Later we can give you the exact figure.
  • We can give this solution not only on the grates but their fixtures also.
  • 25 lac.
  • After getting the feedback of the customer , we can established in their cluster.
  • We can take 50 lac business from this success.
  • Tip for other channel partner ,please take this opportunity ,bcz now NGT does not allow the convention method of cleaning.