Project Description

Super Shield Nickle conductive coating (841-340G ; 841-900 ml)

The 841 Super Shield Conductive Coating reduces electromagnetic or radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI), an issue for all electronic devices. It is a durable acrylic coating pigmented with a high purity nickel flake, and is UL approved for adhesion to ABS and polycarbonates at hot and cold temperatures. UL Recognized UL Recognized (File # E202609).Tested in compliance with IEEE Std. 299-1997 High Conductivity. Median attenuation 50 dB ±25 dB per 38 μm
(~1.5 mil) for frequency range of 10 to 18,000 MHz

Application : –

It is designed to be applied to the interior of plastic electronic enclosures, and is a simple way to deal with EMI/RFI issues, allowing devices to pass FCC emission testing.

Pack Size :- 340G Aerosol ; 900 ml liquid

Industry :- Electronics