Project Description

Sikaflex 11 FC +

Sikaflex 11FC is a fast curing, one component polyurethane based compound that is extremely effective, both as flexible sealant and high strength adhesive. Sikaflex FC is a non slumping material that cures by reaction with atmospheric moisture to form a tough and resilent elastomer. Advantages :

  1. Ready for use and requires no on-site mixing, meaning less product waste and no risk of faulty mixing.
  2. Will not sag in vertical or overhead applications.
  3. Excellent ageing and weathering resistance.
  4. Approved for use in contact with potable water and in the food industry.
  5. May be overpainted (preliminary testing required).
  6. High Shore A hardness.
  7. Excellent adhesion to most construction materials, even without primer.
  8. Fast curing
  9. Good chemical resistance.
  10. Will not stain natural stones such as marble or granite.
  11. High tear strength.
  12. Non corrosive, odourless

Application: –

For permanent elastomeric sealing and adhesion application in the building construction and civil engineering industries

Pack Size :- 600 ml sausage

Color :- Grey & White

Industry :- Construction