Project Description

Sika Multiseal Tape

Sika MultiSeal is a self-adhesive, rubber modified, bituminous sealing tape for the sealing of cracks and joints in many common domestic and commercial situations.It consists of an aluminium foil reinforced by a polyester film and coated with a cold adhesive bituminous compound. Advantage :

  1. Very easy to apply
  2. Very economical
  3. Good adhesion to many substrates
  4. Weather-proof
  5. Self-adhesive
  6. UV-resistant
  7. Bitumen-resistant
  8. Can be over-painted
  9. Can be applied at low temperatures

Application: –

Sika MultiSeal is used to seal cracks and joints on:

1) Roof

a) Around chimney and skylight

b) over joints/cracks in tiles and roof cladding

2) Exterior walls

a) Joints and cracks in asbestos cement sheeting

b) Cracks under masonry ties and anchorages.

c) Around wall penetrations (such as water pipes)

d) gutters and down pipes.

3) Terraces

a) At joints between terraces and exterior walls.

b) Joints in parapets

c) Roof edges, sides, flashing and joints.

d) Leaking pipes, showers, etc.

Pack Size :- 10 cms x 10 m long rolls, 3 rolls per box

Color :- Painted aluminum foil, matt grey

Industry :- Construction