Project Description

Molykote PG 54 silicone grease

High performance grease for plastic/ plastic, plastic/metal, and rubber/metal combinations involving slow to medium fast movements and light to medium loadings. Features :-

  1. High Oxidation resistance
  2. Low evaporation
  3. Wide service temperature range from 50 to 180 degree C (-58 F to 356 F)
  4. Good Low temperature performance
  5. Low co-efficient of friction
  6. Very good corrosion protection
  7. Excellent compatibility with most plastic and rubber.

Application: –

  1. Suitable for lubrication points with low to medium loading’s and speed
  2. Used in brake booster, brake-caliper guide bolt, silent block bushing, video and audio Cassatt, water pump packing, control cable and on sliding-contact surface of washing machines and dish washer sents fogging of delicate lenses.

Pack Size :-1 kg Can & 25 kg Pail

Industry :- Maintenance & Repair