Project Description

Molykote Longterm 2 Plus Extreme Pressure bearing grease

Lubricating grease for metal/metal combinations with slow to medium-fast movements especially with high loads Features :-

  1. High load-carrying capacity
  2. Suitable for long term lubrication
  3. In mixed friction it provides wear Protection due to solid lubricants and EP (extreme pressure) additives
  4. Good adhesion strength
  5. Good protection against corrosion

Application: –

Molykote® Longterm 2 Plus Extreme Pressure Bearing Grease is used successfully:-

  1. For bearings, spline profiles and clutches in highly stressed motor vehicles, tractors, cranes, earth-moving machines, conveyor belts and forklift trucks.
  2. Where there is a risk of fretting corrosion, groove formation (Brinell effect) or moisture.

Pack Size :-1 kg CAN, 25 kgs Pail & 180 kgs Drum

Industry :- Maintenance & Repair