Project Description

Molykote G-Rapid plus paste

Solid lubricating paste with particulary low friction coefficient for assembly and running in of metallic compound Feature :-

  1. Low friction coefficient
  2. High pressure absorption capacity
  3. Prevents seizure and scoring
  4. suppresses stick slip
  5. Reduces formulation of fretting corrossion
  6. Facilitate disassembly
  7.  Good coverage
  8. provides emergency running performance

Application: –

  1. Suitable for the press-fit production of all types of machine element as a running in lubricant for new machine and gears as permanent lubrication of machine element which are submitted to slight or intermitent movement only as well as for drilling, sawing, and thread cutting.
  2. Used to lubricate threaded spindles, spindle shaft, tooth gearing, worm gearing, movement screws, fitting, pumps, guides on machine tools, as well as for fitting ball and roller bearing, pulley and wheel flanges and bolts

Pack Size :- 1 kg Tin

Industry :- Maintenance & Repair