Project Description

Four-P International Pvt. Ltd 2

Customer Name :- Bharat Electronics Limited Govt. Of India Organisation.

Location :- Bangalore

Industry :- Electronic Components Manufacturing for Indian Defence Sector.

Problem / Challenge faced by Customer  :-four

  • Specific Area –  PCB & Components in Radio Frequency Receiver Device.
  • Conductivity, Encapsulation and Protection required for the component from a single vendor.

Other Applications:-
Product and Application Details at BEL

Sl Product Product code Use
1 Epoxy – Clear Encapsulating & Potting Compound MG 832C To encapsulate and protect Inductor coil on the PCB boards.
2 ESilver Conductive Epoxy MG 8331 To prevent the Lock nut from getting loose in operation as the component has vibration and also to be conductive.
3 Acrylic Conformal Coating MG 419C Protect PCB component.

Product Solution Offered:-four2

  • Product Offered – MG 8331 – Silver Conductive Epoxy Adhesive.
  • Product Applied – Manually on the component
  • Surface Preparation – Cleaned surface using IPA
  • The trials are yet to be completed by BEL. Awaiting for feedback hence no data on quantity.