Project Description

Four P International Pvt Ltd

Customer Name :- NCC Urban Constructions Ltd

Location :- Narsingh, Hyderabad

Industry :- Construction

Size of the Company:- Large scale company with 10,000 crores turnover. They are in to various sectors such as buildings, roads, power, water resources, railways, etc.

Problem / Challenge faced by Customer :-

  • Housing project – Residential flats.cs33
  • Constructing apartments with more of precast building blocks and less of bricks and other materials.
  • Problem Faced – Airline gaps arising in the Walls due to lack of compatibility between bricks and precast structure after filling it with putty, tried many products to fill the gaps for aesthetic look, but unable to find a proper solution.
  • Gaps were visible with putty material

Product Solution Offered:-

  • Product Offered – Paracryl Parafil
  • Surface Preparation – Free from dust particles.
  • Can be applied easily with tooling spatula / Putty blade.
  • Gaps filled with Paracryl Parafil material
  • After curing Parafil was painted with Acrylic paint

Benefits / Savings / Improvement:-

  • Gaps / Cracks not formed, hence customer cannot  differentiate  the brick wall area and precast structure area.
  • Trial Order received for 20 kgs.
  • 2nd Order received for 25 kgs.
  • Total requirement of Paracryl Parafil will be150 -200 kgs for this project.
  • Since this company doing large scale residential projects where ever such type of problems arises, they will definitely opt for Paracryl Parafil.

Next Steps:-

  • Expected business from this Company per annum would be around 3 lakhs.
  • We have given samples to other big players in this industry like Myhome Constructions & Aparna Constructions.
  • Potential of this business in our territory would be 10 Lakhs per annum.