Project Description

Molykote fb 180 high performance grease

High performance grease for metal/metal combinations involving slow to medium-fast movements and light to heavy loadings, particularly at high temperature. Features  :-

  1. Contains no lead or nickel
  2. Suitable for long term lubrication due to low oil evaporation and low tendency towards oxidation
  3. Emergency running properties and reduction of wear by virtue of incorporated solid lubricant
  4. No drop point: consequently no melting or run out from lubrication point.
  5. Good water wash out resistance

Application: –

  1. Suitable for lubrication points with light to heavy loading and low to medium  speeds, particulary those exposed to continous high temperature
  2. Used sucessfully on plain and roller bearing of conveyor installation in drying klin, valcanizing plant, heating installations, fan and motor

pack size :-1 kg Tin & 25 kg pail

Industry :- Electronics