Project Description

Electraflow Plus 600 combi

Heavy duty lightweight 18V lithium-ion battery operated applicator for cartridges and sachets.Variable speed control (1-9) for easy management of material flow.
Available in three sizes:

  1. 310ml cartridges and sachets
  2. 310ml + 400ml cartridges and sachets
  3. 310ml + 400ml cartridges and 310ml +400ml + 600ml sachets.

Speed sensitive trigger to maintain an even application of materials.
Non-drip auto reverse function: rack will pull back automatically when the trigger is released preventing material overflow.
Overload shut off to prevent damage to parts and electronics when overloaded.
Maximum (no load) speed: 9mm/sec.
Fully charged within 30 minutes of using a universal charger.
18V lithium-ion battery: 1.5Ah (fitted as standard), or 3.0Ah which provides longer battery life (on request at an additional cost).
High energy densities.
No memory loss – can be charged at any time.
Considerably less loss of charge when not in use.
Soft touch rubber grips for comfort.
Built-in rest pads to protect tool.


  1. For medium to high viscosity
  2. Cartridge/sachet: 1-component
  3. Cartridge volumes: 310ml & 400ml
  4. Sachet volumes: 310ml, 400ml & 600ml

Industry :- Applicator Gun