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Project Description


DETAPREN is a one part gap filling solvent containing adhesive, based on SBR synthetic rubber, specially developed to give high bond strength and adhesion to most common building materials without the use of mechanical fixings such as nails & screws.

Application : –

DETAPREN must be applied in cords of min. 5 mm diameter and with a max. of 10 cm between the parallel lines. Press on the other surface, take off, wait a few minutes to let the vapours escape (5 to 8 min). This drying time can be extended to 30 minutes. Apply again and press hard. (Trans¬fer method) The object has to be positioned with great precision, as the setting is almost immediate. Final adherence is reached in 12 hours. Where heavier items are being fixed, support them while DETAPREN is drying to eliminate any possible slippage. Can be overpainted in certain circumstances. It should not be used in areas where it may be totally be immersed in water.

Pack Size :- 310ml cartridge

Industry :- Construction