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Project Description

Detaflex 4000

DETAFLEX 4000 is a medium modulus, fast vulcanising, elastic, surpaintable, one-component polyurethane sealant, that cures by the influence of the humid encircling air, dependent from the temperature, the joint-depth and the porosity of the soil. Has a high resistance to ageing, weather conditions and low and high temperatures

  1. Good chemical resistance
  2. Excellent adhesion to almost all building materials

Application : –

Is suited for the automobile industry, for carriage work, cool trucks, caravans, shipping, and all elastic joints and construction-joints in the building industry.

  1. Has an excellent adhesion to most materials such as wood, concrete, metals, anodized aluminum, natural and artificial stone.
  2. Use a primer on porous surfaces and on plastics.

Pack Size :- 310 ml cartridge & 600 ml sausage

Color :- White, Grey, Black

Industry :- Construction