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Project Description

Detafire Acrylic

DETAFIRE ACRYLIC is a non-toxic, water-based, one component intumescent acrylic sealant. Tested to BS 476 : Part 20 : 1987 and prEN 1366-3 : 1998 in vertical joints up to 50 mm wide.
• The sealant maintained its integrity during the test period (241 minutes) with temperatures
rising to 1150°C
• Has a certain acoustic insulation value
• Can be painted

Application : –

DETAFIRE ACRYLIC is ideal for fire rated construction movement joints with an elongation of up to 15 %. DETAFIRE ACRYLIC can be used on all porous surfaces such as wood, brick, concrete, etc. DETAFIRE ACRYLIC can be used for the sealing of connecting joints in the building industry, around doors and frames, etc. and for all joints with poor elongation. (10-15%)

Pack Size :- 310 ml cartridge

Industry :- Construction