Project Description

Aquafix Rapid stop

AquaFix® RAPID STOP is a self-fusing silicone tape that can be used for leak repair and electrical insulation/sealing. It works by molecular fusion of the compound substances which are activated to their most effective levels by stretching the tape on application.

Application: –

RAPID STOP is the perfect product for those emergency situations where you need to stop a leak fast! The unique properties of this product will permit a LIVE leak repair without turning off the water. By stretching and winding individual 25mm wide x 300mm ( 12” ) long pieces of the tape around the leaking pipe you will gradually be able to stop the flow of water.

Product Code :-

  1. APF 25 Pack – 3x300mm strips for single leakage
  2. ARF 25-3.5 – 1×3.5mm roll – more than 10 leakages
  3. ARF 25-11 – 1x11meter roll – more than 35 leakages

Industry :- Maintenance and repairs