Project Description

Aquafix Quick Patch repair kit

Quick Patch is a specially formulated, uniquely packaged, no mess epoxy patch which can be applied to virtually any surface. The sealed, pre-measured two fibre glass patch (in resin) and a on the other side of the divider a catalyst solution. By simply removing the central divider you can mix the catalyst and resin together without opening the package. After approximately 2 minutes the solution will begin to warm which is the indication that it is ready for application.
Simply then remove the patch and apply to the damaged or leaking area. Within 10 minutes it will be dry and ready for use. For more difficult applications the
Quick Patch can be folded over to give a two layer repair or alternatively you can ‘overlay’ a second patch on the first repair

Application: –

AquaFix Quick Patch repair kits offer a rapid and effective way to repair Tanks, Drums, Guttering, Roofs, water butts, Pipes and Hoses, Boats, Baths, Greenhouses, pools and spas

Product Code :-

  1. APK-100-15 patch size of 100mm wide x 150mm long
  2. APK-100-30 patch size of 100mm wide x 300m long
  3. APK 50-30 patch size of 50mmx300mm long
  4. APK 50-50 patch size of 50mm x 500mm long

Industry :-  Maintenance and repairs