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Project Description

Sports Clubs and Residential Complex

Location :- Mumbai & Pune

Clients facing Problem :-

  • Kamla Vihar Sports club
  • Juhu Vile Parla Gymkhana
  • Vasant  Vihar
  • Rohan Sher
  • Eco Smart ( Swimming pool maintenance )

Problem Occurred :-

Earlier our Clients were facing problem in swimming pools of:-

  • Generation of Algae in water.cs22
  • Turbidity in water.
  • PH level was not stable ( limit of PH 7.2 to 7.6 ).
  • Chlorine content FAC (free availability of   chlorine 2 – 4 ppm) was reducing faster.

We offered them Solution:-

In Analysis we found that :-

  • They were using Bleaching Powder , Liquid Chlorine Or Poor Quality of TCCA 90.
  • We consulted them to use our product & We gave them sample to try in there swimming pool.
  • Results were positive and Purchased product for trial.

Results :-

After  using TCCA 90 of Aditya Birla there problem of:-

  • Algae
  • Turbidity
  • Chlorine Content
  • PH Level  was solved