Project Description

Green Enviro

Location :- Vatva , Ahemdabad

Industry :- CETP Plant ( Common Effluent Treatment Plant )

Capacity of Plant  :- 20 MLD ( Million lakh per Day ) Clarifiers

Problem faced by Green Enviro :-

  • Decanter:- cs1
    A decanter centrifuge separates solid materials from liquids in slurry and therefore plays an important role in wastewater treatment
  • Problem:-
    In Green Enviro , the Sludge was not properly formed due to which it was creating problem during Operation.

We offered them Solution:-

  • A Lab Trial was taken by using Aditya Birla Polyelectrolyte and results were Positive.
  • Polyelectrolyte APE 971 product was been offered to solve there problem.
  • After successful Lab trial, Plant trial was taken.
  • Plant trial was also successful.

Results :-

  • The product is giving good result in Decanter compared to there earlier product (Chem Bond).
  • Green Enviro’s Management are satisfied with our products as it is cost effective and satisfies Government Norms.
  • Aditya Birla’s Product helped to solve there problem and they started buying product from us.

Next Steps :-

Learning :- It was Challenging and time consuming task but finally we cracked the deal and now Green enviro is our regular Customer.

Future Development :- 

  • We will give our new clients a free lab trial and help them to solve their problem.
  • We will also show them comparative analysis of both product (previous & Birlas Product )
  • We will also guide them during Plant Trial.